EÖ Presents 》Alex Undone

Who is Alex Undone?

Following on from her live periscope I reached out to Alex in order to speak with her about what is next in her journey. I had the chance to share my spoken word piece inspired by her live periscopes, Undone is a poem inspired by an amazingly talented artist and model known by the alias Alex Undone. Alex Cunningham is originally from Germany but now residing in LA, she is pursuing the modelling industry and has just celebrated the success of her first Art show. New to the YouTube world she embarks on the journey of Undone and encourages all to join her. What a beautiful movement to share in verse. She too loved what I did with her words adapted into poetry during a live periscope.

Her feedback was:

“WOW! I’m literally speechless. So many times I feel like I’m winging life and figuring things out as I go. The fact that it was able to inspire something so beautifully written is mind boggling.”

Read the full Spoken Word piece: Undone by Eli Oko

Feedback like that motivates me to keep writing knowing that people are able to connect with me and my methos of expression. I enjoyed this collaboration as I felt I too could relate to the painted notions, these were expressions shared and felt mutually. Two stories but one journey.

Here is a bit about Alex.

Alex’s Work:

– – –

Follow Alex online:


Snapchat : alex_undone


Periscope: alexundone


Any Thoughts?

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