Undone by Eli Oko (Collab with Alex Undone)

Is this what being an adult feels like?

Where shall we start?

The goal to be on a billboard

Driven by my success, black and white in papers

But rainbow effects, in my heart

This mission is more than an external goal,

It is empowered by what is within

Make your inner person great, be comfortable in your own skin

As your fears leak through your pores

It will translate through the lens

No one can be comfortable for you

So practise, do not pretend.

If you have motivation, something you love the most that keeps your mind sane

You will be more occupied with quality and most likely gain

When it is your bread and butter

You do it with much love and so much respect you will attain

Try to never overthink anything

Be a minimalist in your ways

Do not be repetitive

Show you can adapt, that you will never fear change

You may be their canvas, their product or whatever

But ensure that you are comfortable with you

Watch your dreams and hopes get bigger

Get stronger, in every way of the word

Think efficient, time and experience, watch efforts pay off and work.

When you hear no enough times, you become immune

So learn to love the hustle, and not the glamour we all assume

Labels should not label you

Do not say aspiring to be, but be aspiring – that is fine

Be sure that you promote each step you take

The reward is in the try.


Unfinished is my journey, uncompleted is the path I take

“And what do you call this period of growth?” they question me

I am going till I am done and so

Undone is what I will say.


Walk, like you love yourself

Talk, like you love yourself

Move, like you love yourself

Be honest with the truthful person within

Battle insecurities with intelligent reasoning

Like, why do you seek affection so much, knowing you will have to fight?

If the effort is not matched

Then the balance is not right

The chances of your victory are miserably low

And you want to be happy right?

Yes or no?

I am not loose or unravelled

I am figuring out the best steps

Writing my story every passing day

Recording where I tread

Just a sensitive artist

Who believes in energy

Please remember me

Keeping and fixing, as no one notices

Because if I do not like it I paint over it

I have been doing this too long and I want success like mad

In the least Kanye West way possible,

I motivate myself and so if someone does not like it, too bad.

They do not see you, until they see you

You must have tough skin

How do you share and not care?

Do you want to grow?

Well that answers everything.

My pride and joy

That’s my heart beat, pumping out of my body

I have a beautiful reason to stay grinding and so for my work ethic I am never sorry

Never feel you have to convince someone to accept you,

They will get there when they can

My fear is that I never reach my potential

Confident in this frame I have built to forever stand

You is kind, You is smart, tell yourself you is important

You are in charge of your brand.


Unfinished is my journey, uncompleted is the path I take

“And what do you call this period of growth?” they question me

I am going till I am done and so

‘Undone’ is what I will say.



Undone is a poem inspired by an amazingly talented Artist and Model Alex Undone. Alex is originally from Germany but now residing in LA, she is pursuing the modelling industry and has just celebrated the success of her first Art show. New to the YouTube world she embarks on the journey of Undone and encourages all to join her. What a beautiful movement to share in verse. She too loved what I did with her words adapted into poetry during a live periscope.

Her feedback was:

“WOW! I’m literally speechless. So many times I feel like I’m winging life and figuring things out as I go. The fact that it was able to inspire something so beautifully written is mind boggling.”

This is what motivates me to keep writing when people are able to connect with me and spontaneous collaborations like this where expressions are shared and felt mutually. Two stories but one journey.


Follow Alex online:


Snapchat : alex_undone


Periscope: alexundone








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