Why You Should Clean Your Room… (Jordan Peterson)

To clean up your room also means confronting the devils in your house. Set up everything with purpose, so your room sets the stage for you what you should do and how you should act in it.

It all depends on how open your eyes are. In a transcendent state you can see infinity in the finite. 

This has come at a good time for me in my life. Things I do in my life does not serve my purposes and so I am in need of a change. I am not facilitating the change I want and so I am unhappy. Ultimately I need to do more than clean my room because my room is newly decorated and rarely untidy but it is not finished completely. So my goal is to complete it. What stood out to me most from this video and talk was the change you can make in your household. The effect your family have in interfering with organising and building what you have. Helping to build my mum to create her space is actually what  I believe my next step is. Not because she tries to bring me down, but just because I know that I need to confront the fact that she has things she needs to accomplish and achieve and until she is happy I can’t completely push forward and develop my external issues. I have a sense of responsibility, a weight I admit to be self inflicted but it is there nonetheless.

I share this with you all because I find it inspiring and thought provoking. After a long term away because of mental illness I am back to work tomorrow and the nerves are very bad. However creating the change I badly need starts with facing this huge issue of routine. I am sharing this as a pivotal point for me to remember and hopefully it can motivate someone else to take control of things in their life too.

As I work toward helping my mum build her ideal space I hope that in the next few months I can update this mindset that I have and be more positive.

I recommend watching some more of Jordan Peterson’s talks on YouTube, although I don’t agree with him 100% I must admit that he has many logical theories and his viewpoint is often balanced and firmly sourced. He speaks on depression and anxiety, developing your personality, relationships and marriage plus other world issues at hand.

IF you have enjoyed any of his videos or anything similar feel free to share your findings with me online over on Twitter.


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