EÖ Presents 》#LondonSPÖTLIGHT: KGrafix


So much buzzing talent in London Town and part of a series of #SPÖTLIGHT I would like to present to you the first #LondonSpotlight feature : KGrafix.

KGrafix is run by Entrepreneur and Graphic Designer Kyri.K  he does both professional business projects as well as fantastic digital art. I have had the privilege to work alongside KGrafix for a number of projects for clients. I managed to grab Kyri for an interview!


Mini interview:

Firstly, Why Graphic Design? What motivated you to start a business in that area

Graphic Design started when I was young, I was a huge car fanatic and loved the way cars were designed, this then moved me to become a car designer however for many reasons this didn’t work out, therefore I got into studying graphic design at school and furthered my interest in it. This then allowed to increase my skills and experience in the software and imagination to be able to actually become good enough for customers wanting work from me.

You are a young entrepreneur! How did you improve your skills, what advice would you give to any aspiring Graphic designers?

Always challenge yourselves on the parts of the job you dislike the most, I would try my best to master all software even if it killed me, I would look at tutorials online even the most challenging tutorials and learn how to perfect things even the smallest of details so that I was never restricted in my clients needs.

What software and hardware do you use? 

I use mainly all Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Muse, Animate etc) and hardware I stick to my apple products, so iMac, Macbook for on the go, my iPad and my iPhone.

Favourite project KGrafix have recently worked on?

I would say My new logo as this has enhanced my workload by a huge amount as its effective and eye catching.

Running a business is not easy, How do you go about finding work?

Social Media and digital marketing has always been a great help however word of mouth will never be beaten. I tend to inform my new followers what I offer which has resulted in great success. 

How would you say Social Media has made an impact on your business?

As these days everyone either has a laptop or a smartphone, 9/10 people have a social media account especially Facebook, people will rather look at social media and reviews then look on Google these days, therefore this has caused my follower ratio to increase and cause more followers contacting me over social media for quotes.

What is one something about Graphic Design Companies or Graphic designers and their work that you would like to comment on?

I would say nobody has original ideas anymore, its the world of design in general, take a look at cars, some cars look similar to others, same as logos and flyer designs and website designs, I mean even instagram has the new snapchat video feature, its all about using other designs in the world and tweaking them to make yours slightly different and more personal.

For all the readers who want to get to know you….

What is your favourite colour?

My favourite colour is blue.

You offer a number of services which is your favourite to do and why?

I would say logo designs as this is what a customer sees, you look how powerful the mcdonalds and coca cola logo’s are, people will remember them for the rest of their lives, If I can design something that big will be great.

If you had the chance to design 1 campaign poster for one business/brand who would be your ultimate client?

Definitely Apple!

What is your favourite animal and why? 

 My favourite animal is a Lion, this is because a lion is family orientated, protects his family, is proud, doesn’t like to be beaten and is the king of the jungle.

Aside from the collaboration we done on Instagram, what can everyone expect to see from you in the future, what is an incentive to follow your Instagram and other social media platforms?

I am in the making of completing a new website where my clients can submit forms online to what they need from me and also a youtube channel will be coming after that, however at the moment I am trying to increase my follower rate even more on both instagram/twitter/facebook.

Finally, You know I own a Entertainment blog called PressPL4Y. Would you be interested  (brave enough) in featuring on my YouTube channel in a challenge of some sort to do with your line of work? 

Sounds like fun to me!

Personally my favourite piece of work from KGrafix is the AnotherFlyOnTheWall piece designed for the site, I LOVE IT! Thanks Kyri and KGrafix for your time! We collaborated on Instagram head over there to go see what we done

KGrafix AFOTW.jpg


Always a pleasure to feature talented and inspiring individuals on my blog, especially those so close to home!

Did you enjoy the interview with KGraffix? I have big plans to work with him in other capacities too, Lets Get this article to 50 views and we will get the owner of KGrafix  on to the YouTube Channel for a Draw Something Challenge and featured on PressPL4Y !

Until then check out some of KGraffix work and follow his portfolio on Instagram!



Find KGrafix Online:



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