To My Silent Readers

Dear Silent Readers,

I am sorry I am calling you out, I am sorry there is no more hiding my frustration I can not control these words from my mouth.  I feel you silently build me up, you grow me with your tranquil waters, however lately I have been experiencing the stormy weathers with downpours and it washes out your presence. Do you think you could speak up a little more and declare your interest? If it is the words that you struggle to ingest or just the themes that I relate – please find a way to say.

I am not trying to be fussy but I have always wondered if I am sharing my work with myself, and I have concluded lately, I must be. You silent readers have held your speech for the perfect time, I can only assume. May today be the day you break your wordsmith fast and giggle on the laughing fumes. Perhaps I should write things that are tickling to the tummy, categorised as funny. I write, rather, about the things others choose to ignore. I care about the self harming teens, damaging daddy complex leaving our women distraught, comparing feminine strength to origami – highlighting its cost and regular reminders that there is inspiration in both love and loss.

I tried to break free from the stereotype flowing on insoluble rhymes as my spoken word flows – spilled thoughts from my mind. I want to create a memory from my poetry something to hold, a puzzle of A3 pages – something literal to solve. But I fear even you silent readers will miss read its meaning as you do not share your impressions you just keep silently reading. I think you deserve to know what’s on my mind, given I am asking you to share yours. I just hope for more interaction from my readers so that a new world we can explore.

Are you not entertained? It is that easy to say! I will switch up my writing and continue to change. It is growth that I aspire and your silent views were enough until now, but let us progress as a unit – there is so much more treasure to be found. In the unsaid words, and the un-shared critiques, I know I have some creative readers and I need you all to speak. When my anthology is here and there are no social media walls between us I hope you will be as proud as I will be, I hope you will shout it from the rooftops and give me a reason to say “finally”. My goal is complete, I have written today to be heard tomorrow and it is not only something I will read.


Wherever you are, dotted all over the earth, thanks for your support my silent readers.


Love Eli Oko.


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