Great Talk by Eli Oko

Please excuse these tears

They do not reflect my inner most feelings

As deep and desperate they may seem

Inside I am jumping for joy

Because my concern has always been your happieness

Your happiness has always been my thought

And my thought and has always been you

Not in the way every person may wish to construe

These lines are as clear as day

This day, where it has rained and poured

And I reached the line where it all falls apart

Walked away and returned moments later

To then stare beyond and say, no thank you

Not today

Yes this day is now blue skies, sunshine and dew

I saw the sticky sap fall from trees

And old ways become something new

I’ve changed

Because ages away I’d question and say why not me?

I had it all I thought but it lasted less than dreams

Can we talk about the smile I see

I’m glad your at ease

And she, she holds everything I wish for you, in her eyes and cheeks

Lets talk about you

You’ve found someone true

I hope all goes well for you two

You always wished me love, now you too

I wish you love even though mine fell through

And you do

You have this proud smirk, dare I say this

But It’s like this is the gift you get, when you get to say I waited

And 4 years felt like a lifetime

She was your fourth year prize

I’ve already found my treasure

But I believe there is still more to find

Let’s talk about her

The one I know nothing about

But just that she hears the sweet nothings from your mouth

I can tell

She is happy to be in your arms

And when life gets harder she’ll not take for granted this chance

To be laying in them

Is no wish for me

I had arms that held me hostage and they were the same arms that set me free

I still find every reason to say ‘we’

But everyone knows, now it’s just me

And I don’t rely on my own strength

Even to tread with my own feet

But let’s not talk about Eli

I’d rather sit here and say well done

Because love is hard to hold on to

And you seem to be holding on strong

And great people are hard to find

And you seem to of found the one

So well done

Let’s talk a little less but say a little more

Let’s be frank with our connotations now

And truth we will explore

I’ve saved the best 15 for you because you deserve

To talk to someone from night to morn

Till dusk to dawn

From laughs to yawns

Talk about it all

I’m sorry that I can’t stop these flowing tears

And my best words keep coming up short

I guess – well done, and take care…

Great talk.



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