Answered Prayer by Eli Oko

I have a man.

I have a man that looks at me as if he is reading me

his favorite book he will never put down

each line he explores, over and over and over again

he loves each page

as his eyes follow its story

his fingers trace down the spine

he loves my title

I have a man.

He touches me as if I am a code

not hoping to break me, just know me

willing to keep me safe

secure, as if I am the safe

as he unlocks me and peers into my everything

he sees my possessions

and the things I lack

my encryption was enough to hold back

from everyone but him


I have a man that hears me as if I am a symphony

a melody that plays in the heart

he remembers and recalls each note

he has rhythm

in him he has rhythm

how powerful the chords we play together

as we learn to become one

learning to become

I have a man.

Through the tough times and the tears I’ve cried

at night, God heard my ‘why’s’

I found favor in his eyes

and without any disguise

I have a man.

His plans include me

his suggestions improve me

not afraid to be told about all the unknown

he’s not afraid to grow old

but like me, doesn’t want to do it alone

he has the hands of a man

they keep me warm

and when cold they send shivers through me

stirring up a storm, they keep me awake

but this love feels like a dream

I have a man, and as crazy as this may seem

He makes me smile

not from ear to ear

like all girls would share

he makes me smile from heart to soul

makes all of me glow

he is my gift, please understand

delivered to me, no second class stamp

Never have I ever felt the need to tell the world

that I,

I have a man.


So this is special. This is my Answered Prayer

and I’m thankful to every nightmare for leading me here.

~ To C.C, Happy 6 Months xo

“As we learn to become one, learning to become”

Any Thoughts?

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