Broken Pieces of Time by Eli Oko

I waited so long for you to come in

I began to see the cracks in time

I waited so long that now

I prefer to see you on the other side – EO


We lost the power to dictate each other’s lives a long time ago

To say what we want, what we need

To be friends or more

It’s all gone out the door

Funny how we never wanted to comfort each other

We never expected to save each other

It was neither our jobs

We just existed among each other

Had monthly arrangements

Yearly traditions

Any more than that would have been a handful

Occasional expressions of gratitude

I don’t remember the last time you asked for a “thanks”

Neither the reason to be thankful

But now we want more

Now we need more

But that’s all gone out the door

I used to think if I really needed something you would be there

Like if it really came down to it you would show

But you corrected me, I’ve stopped waiting on tomorrow’s

There was never any difference between the miles that separated us

But now I’m supposed to fill my tank to drain my sorrows

You’d like to sit and talk and get the old times blue

Stare at pictures I am not even able to store in my memory

Pictures of me and pictures of you

One picture picturing two

I’ll share the things I hold true

The pain I still feel when I look back

The memories

The scents

The tears

And all my hopes stacked

I see the details in the pictures, I see every flaw

And that finally, it’s all gone out the door

See now I trust a little less

Lay down affection a little light

I stay up and think a little different

From other girls who close their eyes at night

I know you’d like me to try and move on

Try to forget the bits and bobs

Be a pleasant little person

And act in ways I’m surely not

It’s Too late to mend these broken pieces of time

Broken is how I’ll keep them stored

As my future is one less a disappointment

I forced your existence out the door


Any Thoughts?

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