Gliese 581D (It is what it is) by Eli Oko

Artist depiction of Gliese 581D
Artist depiction of Gliese 581D

I’ve never expected the worse

I just accept what things are

If I fall I get up

Opportunist who takes chance

I like floating on clouds

Drifting in my space

I’ve never dosed of too far

So the emotions stay on my face

I’ve held on to my roots

Like it’s wedged to my hands

I’ve allowed time to pass

As my knowledge expands

I’ve never claimed to know it all

But I excel in my thoughts

As I grasp to my intentions

Blur the circles to noughts

I found safety in a theory

A neighbourhood myth

I’m an opportunist who takes chance

It is what it is

If I could soar into light-years, on 20 I’ll float

And as I land on Gliese I’d collect all the notes

I’d reply to keep hopes up, for those whose questions aren’t clear

And tell them to search where they belong – for the answers are there

I’d stare into space, then signals I’ll send

Saying I’m nothing or everything and I’ll never crush again

And as I soar around, they’re all wishing I’ll return

They’ll turn pages of what’s remaining, a new lesson they’ll learn

Although I could return, to my imaginary bits

I’m an opportunist who takes chance

And it is what it is.

Poem by: Elizabeth Oko

Twitter: Elizabeth_Oko

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