And The Words Were Green by Eli Oko

And the words were green. They shattered the feelings I had, of accomplishment and pride. I no longer stood, I was crawling for the things I wanted. I had neither the best nor the worse, It was all unspoken of. I was just green and the rest was history. Not the history that goes down … Continue reading And The Words Were Green by Eli Oko

EÖ Presents 》’Dare Devil’ Nuno!

"There’s no limit to what you can do. You just got to believe'' - Nuno  “Absolutely amazing!”, “The human body is crazy!” ,“Is that really possible? ”Every find yourself shouting that at the TV when you see entertainers do the craziest of things? Who doesn't ! I would like to say I'm a little dare devil because I used … Continue reading EÖ Presents 》’Dare Devil’ Nuno!