Why EVERYONE should make Amazon Lists

If your goals do not seem attainable how likely are you to wake up every morning and work towards them?

Whether it is working towards buying a house or buying a porcelain patterned contact paper to go inside a draw in your rented home – I can assure you any goal can seem impossible if not planned or even aspired.

So then how can you plan and aspire to achieve? 

Most items can be purchased on Amazon at an affordable price or bargain hunted on Ebay and or other great websites. You may even find better prices in your local shops, however I recommend using Amazon for your lists because it is way more convenient. The idea may not be to purchase all from Amazon but merely to store your ideas and purchase goals.

Whether renovating a room or a whole house you can make suitable lists to suit your needs. You can label them as a shopping list or a wish list.

I have taken time to find all the potential products I need to find for my Living room/Office setup (The Den), My bedroom and other Home projects like the kitchen and bathroom. It helps everything to become just that little bit more attainable. I can focus on prioritising certain projects whether by needs, expense or availability. It really has helped to put these projects into perspective. I even found myself removing products as I realised it was excessive or just not needed. There is still much more to do with the lists as you can search, filter and sort through them. 

I am excited for what is to come with each of these little projects and as I get up and go to work or decorate, I can have a visual end goal in mind. I would recommend everyone get started on creating lists. Eventually the products will come out of my wish list and into the official lists section for that room or category and available for the Amazon List community to use as inspiration for their own projects. 

Community Idea Lists

Please go ahead and follow me on twitter and follow my Amazon Profile. I look forward to connecting with you and I’ll be sure to keep updating my lists with cool new tech products and home Decor. 

Make goals with a smile! x

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Any Thoughts?

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