Above Us by Eli Oko

… And the world we live in was blue with the sound of the sky above us.
Why? they whispered, but I never answered.
And the heat from the words unspoken blew holes into her soul that was beneath her thoughts.
No lost carriage on our runaway train just the passengers and the 4 legged creatures that roam about,
looking but never seeing,
they find but never cherish and so like bones in a backyard they are collected and covered –
hidden and forgotten.
The world we live in is grey like the night’s moon,
the surface of it’s face freckled and lit
and even the smile on the palette was short of colour and lacked space for more.
Others were coming and came but went and were confused by their arrival and departure.
So neither I nor they stand – just fall, in our own understandings of what was and what became.
We distinguished what was chosen and what was given,
the options and the choices are all but nothing without the mind and heart.
We fall short – always, but stand tall until we fall.
There is no wrong in our rights,
just words and sentences, just emotion and pain.
We thought pain was an emotion but it felt separate from our beings,
it felt mysterious in our midst,
even the soul couldn’t recognise it’s characteristics as it presented itself in the form of love and endearment, in achievement and self accomplishment.
Behold the team we fought for and the battle we entered still outnumbered by the blue’s and the grey’s and the skies and the moon’s of our world above us.

Any Thoughts?

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