What prizes catch your attention?

What prizes would you want?

Hey Lovely Readers!

Bigger hello to my subscribers, you lot are going to benefit from this the most! Soon i want to help companies promote competitions and daily give away’s. which means all of you will be first to have the chance to apply and WIN!

I think there is more joy in giving and that’s why I think it would be good to promote that on my blog! Also who doesn’t love gifts especially when you can do it right from the comfort of your home. I might even have a shot at some competitions myself! 😀

My main focus though is to bring you the best type of prizes or offers. The  important question is what do you all think is a good prize to win?


– Special offers to well known stores

– Gadgets

– Accessories (Mugs, USB, Pens , Calendars)

– Holidays/ weekend breaks

–  Exclusive events for free (Photo-shoots, concerts)

– Vouchers


Let Me Know 🙂

Let me know which ones you prefer, this will ensure I contact the right companies and bring the best prizes to you!


Comment below


tweet me (@Nerd_Bird23)


Email me (lizzay.ef@gmail.com)


Hope to hear loads of suggestions 🙂 

Any Thoughts?

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