XXIII Waterfalls by Eli Oko

I was supposed to see the pretty things in life Joy abundant like waterfalls overflowing in my days I was supposed to be able to say “I love you” in more than 23 ways I had plans for this moment Like dreams I made real I knew what I was supposed to do Exactly how … Continue reading XXIII Waterfalls by Eli Oko

Still My Friend by Eli Oko & Nika Taite (Collaborative poetry)

Written By Nika Taite / Written By Eli Oko I'm starting this note from the beginning to the end of our days Maybe a friendship to you was just a mere passing phase I hope you know why I'm doing this I hope you understand and comprehend I hope you know that in my mind … Continue reading Still My Friend by Eli Oko & Nika Taite (Collaborative poetry)