Take Time To Think !

So many inspiring people around us ready to impart knowledge and understanding, we just have to find them, engage in conversation, and as hard as it may seem to do, just listen!


I guess life would be simple if it was as easy as to meet some random blogger through a social network platform and learn from him. It’s a matter of looking in the right places for the right people, at the right times. With life being practically impossible to control that’s where the simple becomes complicated.


But no doubt you do find that one very friendly and open person who decides that they take interest and engage in the conversation with you, you learn a lot from him but then realise that maybe this knowledge is something you could have worked out for yourself, a conclusion you could have reached alone within a few moments of deep thought.


So do you feel less inspired by the new found insight? No! Rather you realise your great ability of being able to understand such complicated but equally beneficial truths and desire to dedicate more time and effort to reaching similar truths for yourselves in the near future.


I read books on various things, in complete awe about the amazing truths being unfolded to me, then I realised – I could reach it all myself! I say go for it! In fact think about it, this whole article could have been written by you if you had just taken the time to think!


We thank those slightly ahead of us as they guide us down the road of self-pity on the fact that maybe we’re just a sandwich short of a picnic at times. But also we love the fact we can realise this and learn from it.


So as you continue reading blogs, books or adverts causing you to think deeper then you usually do, don’t beat yourself up about it, rather just think what else haven’t I thought about? My simple advice is… Take Time To Think!

Any Thoughts?

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