Brett Steinberg Music

“I give myself an outlet, while also writing relatable music.”   – Brett Steinberg

Searching for talent cannot be easier these days! You just have to ask and the answer will be apparent. So many people just want the opportunity to shine. They want to be heard, whether they are speaking through music, drawings, dance, poetry, stories or photography… They still have something to say.

On my search for talent, I heard someone speaking out and after listening to one song called “They’re just words”. I knew that I wouldn’t be the only one that could relate to this. So ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for ‘another talented individual’ expressing themselves! 


Brett Steinberg is a singer/songwriter hailing from Greenwich, CT who has played shows all over Connecticut and New York City. He has played at The Space (CT), Webster Theatre (CT), City Winery (NYC), The Bitter End (NYC), National Underground (NYC),  Rockwood Music Hall (NYC), and has also been on the Howard Stern Show, opened up for Teddy Geiger, played at the Bamboozle Festival, and played at the Virgin FreeFest. He recently released his debut album ‘What We’re Made Of’ worldwide on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play. He currently has over 20,000 twitter followers and over 2,000 Facebook likes.

Mini Interview:

What inspires you to write music?

 “What inspires me to write music is trying to make sense and put into words the wide range of emotions and experiences that we all go through at one point or another. Through doing this I give myself an outlet, while also writing relatable music.” 

Are there any artists you look up to that you see as role models whilst pursuing your singing career?

“Definitely! Coldplay, The Fray, One Republic, Gavin Degraw, Oasis, and a bunch more artists inspire me to stick to writing music that I am proud of. They all have songs that hold a lot of meaning, which I can really appreciate.”

Aside from music, what are some other hobbies or interests you have?

“Besides music, I love hanging out with friends and watching movies, but music does take up a lot of my life whether it be song writing, recording, performing, etc. I try to strike a balance as best I can.”




Check him out Online at:

Band camp:



Twitter:           @OfficialBrett

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