hello by Eli Oko

Just another beautifully broken memory to write about.

broken mind

curse this...

A Dialogue Between Two Drowning Poets…

...stand still and let it find you.

Goodnight by Eli Oko

Good fight, she smiles.
Good victory, she smiles. Good night.

Su Cara by Eli Oko

XXIIII • Su Cara

Dissociation by Eli Oko

Mental Illness is more common than you wish to believe.

For Life by Eli Oko

I think my obsession with corridors sparked from things I have never quite been able to explain Parts of my thoughts that don’t have logical reasoning I think the enclosed feeling was security but the longer the corridor the better As it began to symbolise infinity I think my obsession with these 2 walls and … Continue reading For Life by Eli Oko

Late Submission by Eli Oko

So I havent written anything in a while Because I couldnt submit things whilst ill at home in my bed coughing up phlegm the length of strings And playing them in my head like symthanys, pitying myself Because I couldn’t submit things and promote them on my twitter whilst I am travelling with so many … Continue reading Late Submission by Eli Oko