Data and Science have an AIM!

Data and Science have an AIM! It is time to discuss the future of data analytics and how the integration of data science is affecting marketing strategies. The modern architecture of collected data is changing the way we interact with it. I believe there is an AIM to explain it all!

The problem with data

Once collected, organised and analysed it ultimately needs an infinite loop of the exact same process. This is crucial if we are to decipher, decode and translate. Data has become a go-to expression to encapsulate a range of knowledge and even the lack thereof.

So what is the truth about data? Well, it is no secret. However, there is an unspoken fact that we need to create more conversation around.

My relationship with data

We know that data in itself can not be quantified, but yet we provide labels as if to give it jurisdictions. What is the difference between the data of 20 years ago and big data now? Other than the method in which we collect it and present it, none. The power of data has been consistent and equally, its vulnerability has too.

We have sales representatives in busy streets asking for just a few moments of your time for your opinion on a new product or service. This was me, working somewhere in the North of London, just as the era of Netflix began. I was knocking on doors asking whether they had ever thought about streaming movies online. I then would question what value they would put on such a service. Our objective was to sign as many as possible up to this new shiny service. Although if all else failed then the least we could do was collect data, that assumed interest.

With almost every door shutting in my face with what I deemed as no result – little did I know this service would soon boom! Requiring nothing but an Instagram advert to promote it. Netflix would then collect over three hundred times as much data per minute, not even 7 years later.

So has the power of data changed? No. But what of the method in which we obtain it? Well, still no. Even now, we have numerous postings calling Sales Representatives floating about on every job board. We have Sales Reps standing at city centres collecting data and without fail are flooded with content, supposedly tailored to our viewing and browsing activity on our devices. Data and Science now have an AIM!

Was Netflix on to something?

Did this collected data expire? All the data I collected on my one day of what I found to be excruciatingly boring and tedious sales, did not actually go to waste. In fact, each person I spoke to plus whatever drips and drabs of data I collected is what likely played an instrumental role in the success of the service and the brand. Doubtlessly, hearing about Netflix as it began to surface into what it is now, is what may or may not have been what influenced those individuals. They potentially have monthly subscriptions taking at least 5.99 from their account each month. Me, included!

What does Netflix think about collecting data and decoding it now? According to sources within the Netflix social and editorial department, there are two significant goals for 2019. The first is to engage more on Reddit, where its presence is scarcest. The second is to bring more of its meme-happy approach into the real world, to merge the social energy with unique, in-the-flesh experiences that can then be turned into more social content. – More info on how Netflix successfully keeps up with every accessible online culture here!

So they intend on breaching out into the real-world more? I wonder, does that include 18-30-year-olds standing in crowded public places? Will they be equipped with distracting posters, and two intentions – sign people up and collect data? Most likely!

This is where AIM comes into play

Honestly, that is fine. That is not the reason why data holds some dark malicious truths. It is inconsistently consistent and it exhibits the power of knowledge which ultimately drives marketing and sales but equally creates a shadow on accurate decoding of said data. The unspoken fact is that the term data is way too vague to encompass all we have labelled it to be and all it is yet to become. Preceding it with the word ‘big’ doesn’t change much either. Data and Science need to have an AIM.

Is there a solution?

The truth about data is, it has outgrown us. Reevaluation of what it means to channel information that drives sales is needed. Reassessment of what we are eluding to is essential when referencing specific analytics that identifies and isolates trends. This is a call for a new era of terminology that reflects human behaviour and interaction. There is a dire need for an active, accurate and articulate voice for what we are constituting as data.

The Birth of AIM

This new era erupts from what felt like a dormant volcano of conversation, this archaic method of insulating patterns of interaction both in the flesh and virtually. We as a network of professionals need to see today, the moment of now as the time to begin to “act our way into a new way of thinking” about data. Data and Science now have AIM! Arithmetic Information Modelling is the future of data!

Data itself is screaming for change, I believe it would be wise to listen!

Any Thoughts?

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