Sky by Eli Oko

I think I know why he walked away
We didn’t grow apart
Our eyes were precisely aligned
Our future was quite on time
We didn’t talk ourselves out of anything
We spoke loads about tomorrow
But we didn’t forget about today
He always whispered sweet nothings into my ears
And never wanted me to change
He gave me reason to hold on
So that’s not why he walked away

Think it’s fair to say we had expectations
And often met them so never second guessed why
I’d see a glimpse of fear in his stare
And wonder what else it may imply
What is love without fear?
Yes, I was scared to loose him
And scared to get too close
I was hoping I’d keep him
But would always be strong enough to let him go
Think I know why he walked away
He’d point to it every night
He’d say he saw constellations in my face
A whole galaxy in my eyes
And that nothing quite could compare
Even if it tried
I too felt he was a formation only I would dare explore
And that he held the stars so close to his heart
I was always left needing more

He walked not to break free
But to prove to all, we tried
No matter how down to earth we were together
We just wanted to be the sky.

Any Thoughts?

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