EÖ Presents 》Elly Apps Author/Illustrator Jon Higham

“An app is different to a printed book, it’s animated, noisy and alive and can be a thrilling read and ride for a child”Jon higham

There is nothing better than a good book, I’ve been reading since I was 3, I’m not lying! Ask my mum! Books always opened up a new world for me where I can be alone (pretty sad) and live what I read. I guess my main problem was getting older, when you hit school and you lose interest in the books they make you read. Being a book worm was not as cool in my era. I’ve lately attempted to pick this back up and try read as much as possible. But it’s so much easier for the young one today, there is now app books creating an interactive platform for kids to learn and enjoy. I have one nephew in particular that always brings me the most amazing kids’ books. They have humour and are entertaining. Bring the life back into reading again with the crazy illustrations and the world of imagination becomes accessible again. Why am I blabbering on? I found an illustrator who makes the most animated books full of fun and adventures. It is beneficial for teaching kids to understand things that happen in life as he themes his book around seasonal festivals and day to day events all can relate to. I recommend checking him out on the app store and his website for more of his work! He doesn’t just create books but a whole load of fun for kids including cards and sticker pictures. See his work below.

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About Jon Higham:

Check out a recent interview with ‘Tizio Publishing’ where he answers;

Why did you want to become a writer/illustrator?

What did you do in your past life?

How long have you written children’s books?

Why do you write children’s books?

Do you have a favourite book?

Why do you like working with Tizio Publishing?

What have you enjoyed the most about making apps?


Basic CMYK












Check him out online at:

Twitter:               @EllyApps

Website:               www.jonhigham.co.uk

Store:                    http://uk.moo.com/readymade/pack/479

Biography:          www.jonhigham.co.uk/biography.html

Reviews:               www.giggleapps.com/reviews/ellys-christmas-review/


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