Respect The Player – Learn The Game!

Okay, so it’s true!marketingtrap

We trust what our friends say. When you see a link saying “your Facebook friend ‘so-an-so’ read this” you automatically deem it as something worth reading. Hence why a friend quoting something they bought would be in the company’s favour as it now becomes a reliable product to purchase to others. Understanding how beneficial it is to encourage your clients/customers to mention/like or subscribe is the line between successful business and a failed one. The door is open more now than ever before, which means the opportunity is ripe for the taking, exploit the fact that social networking sites are the newest ways to entice, involve and entrap customers (sorry to make it sound so harsh, but it’s true)

If you have a business worth talking about with a product worth selling then you could be ahead of the game. It’s become so easy to lure people, share pictures, freebies and encourage sales. ”Tell a friend!” doesn’t work any more, rather it’s “Introduce a friend for a free holiday, all expenses paid and £500 spending money!” that sounds more familiar! Cinemas do a 2 for 1 ticket, mobile network provider’s partner with them, restaurants see this as an ideal night out and chip in with a free starter after a movie and there! you’re caught! It’s funny though, Restaurants have realised now, that as much as people love food, they also love deals. Join the two and you’re a genius!

I would love to direct a few companies to the light. You don’t need a huge budget to have successful marketing. Just time effort and a good positive view, and realise that all you put in you will receive plus more!

So what now for me? I don’t know, maybe I’ll make these marketers work harder! You don’t need to understand the player, just the game. I now understand to make money you need to make a ‘friends’, I don’t mean the kind of friendship like you had in nursery or primary school, neither secondary school or college, no not even university! I’m talking about the “I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine” friendship. Customers only care about what they can get out of it, in turn, businesses only care about how much money they can make out of customers. In a way this is a healthy relationship, it works! Everyone is expecting and everyone is willing to give to get what they want.

To be honest I’m trying to think about whom this article is for, businesses looking for solutions to enhance their methods of reaching loyal customers or the general innocent public trying to catch these businesses out and learn the ropes so as to get the best value for their money. Either way everyone’s benefiting right?

Dear public: Grab a friend, go to the cinemas using your orange Wednesday, grab a pizza from pizza express and enjoy it. You deserve it! Lets make the businesses fall for their own marketing traps.

Dear businesses: Keep up the deals! I know a company that can help you to market your company best! Your time, your products and your services are all in vain unless the right people get hold of it. Email me for more information at:

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