A Bit About Liz

Oh hello!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I write for three main reasons…

  1. To remember
  2. To release
  3. To create 

I have been exploring poetry for over 10 years. I love discovering new depths to my writing and I am generally influence by everything and everyone. But deep down all I need to get lost in my own thoughts and imagination is time. So now I demand more time.

I’m working on a collection of poems entitled “Outspoken” that I would like to publish late 2016/2017. I don’t have a publisher, I’m not in discussion with any agencies and to be honest I don’t know where to begin. But my motivation to get this done has no limitations and so here I begin…


Many do not understand why I named my blog “Another Fly On The Wall” well here is why;

Definition of the phrase Fly on the wall ;

  1. Alludes to the position of being able to freely observe a situation without oneself being noticed.
  2. someone who can secretly see and hear what happens.

I am a very cryptic and logical person. I love quotes too as they make me think and question – which is another habit of mine. I try hard to think simply, with clarity and without becoming my own prisoner and restricting myself from learning new things. In a sense we are all at times ‘fly’s on a wall’ … Listening, commenting and judging.  Here is where I vent what I see and hear. This blog is my way of discussing things that happen and talking about things that come to my mind.

I’m just another fly on the wall… I hope you enjoy!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Chris says:

    This site sounds interesting, and speaks up great potential which I think with close focus they can go a long way into media casters.
    I am watching and listening as well for more topics on this site.
    Thank you


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