Oh hello!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I write for three main reasons…

  1. To remember
  2. To release
  3. To create 

I have been exploring poetry for over 10 years. I love discovering new depths to my writing and I am generally influence by everything and everyone. But deep down all I need to get lost in my own thoughts and imagination is time. So now I demand more time.

I don’t have a publisher, I’m not in discussion with any agencies and to be honest I have never known where to begin. However, my motivation to share my work has no limitations and so that is where I started… the rest is history.

Eli Oko


Many ask why I named my blog “Another Fly On The Wall” well here is why;

Definition of the phrase Fly on the wall ;

  1. Alludes to the position of being able to freely observe a situation without oneself being noticed
  2. someone who can secretly see and hear what happens

I try hard to think simply, with clarity and without becoming my own prisoner and restricting myself from learning new things. In a sense we are all at times ‘fly’s on a wall’ … Listening, commenting and judging.  Here is where I vent what I see and hear. This blog is my way of discussing things that happen and talking about things that come to my mind. Over the years it has helped me to voice some of the most difficult experiences I have lived or witnessed others live. I am grateful for the platform to share, and grow. 

I’m just another fly on the wall… I hope you enjoy!