EÖ Presents 》DJ Annie Red, NY

Something special! I introduce to you DJ Annie Red an 8 year old Rapper, DJ, Artist, Pianist and Athlete!

DJ Annie Red is from Brooklyn New York. Annie Red is an inspirational kid rapper.  She has been featured in “Off Broadway – The Wizard of Oz“, The Cable show “What’s the 411” and in Laurie Berkner Music Videos. She is currently a student at the DJ Scratch Academy and on course to obtain her DJ Certification. You can find her music on SoundCloud  and you can follow her journey on YouTube and Instagram  & her official website, DJAnnieRed.com.


Here is a mini interview we did with DJ Annie Red so you can get to know her even better!

Mini Interview:

Talk us through your latest song

“My song is about the problem of bullying. Kids always make fun of the deepness of my voice. In my song I say “Annie Red you sound like a boy, but I say you can’t destroy or kill my joy” Kids make fun of my voice so I wanted to talk about it. I wanted to let people know that bullying is not cool. Bullying hurts and kids are killing themselves because they are being bullied. Bullying has to be stopped.”

What inspires your music style?

“My house is a music house. We always listen to music and dance. My inspiration comes from all types of music. Old school and new school hip hop. I am also inspired by what is happening in the world.”

You are super young, what are your goals for the future?

“I want to inspire kids to be free and be open enough to create art. There is so much I want to do. I want to sing, dance, write, paint. I want to do it all.”

Favourite food to eat while making music or writing music?

“I love eating popcorn while writing.”

What other topics do you hope to write about in your next songs?

“I want to write about my spirituality and my blended culture. I also want to write about politics.”

One thing you can’t live without?

“I can’t live without my mom.”

If you were a millionaire tomorrow, what is the first thing you would buy?

“I would buy a big house for my whole family to live together. Many floors and everyone will have their own floor. Oh yeah and plenty of legos.. I love building legos.”

If you could do a song with one famous artist who would it be?

“Janelle Monae, I love her.”

Biggest achievement?

“Biggest achievements. Writing two songs within 6 months.”

What can we expect to see from Dj Annie Red in the near future?

“DJ Annie Red will be modeling, will be writing, will be performing, will be on the big stage, will be on billboards.”


I am sure you would agree that this little girls has a big things to say and even bigger goals for the future. I look forward to keeping up with her journey! 

Listen to her music over on my Entertainment blog!


Check out DJ Annie Red – Da Boss

over at PRESSPL4Y

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Find DJ Annie Red Online: 

soundcloud youtubeig


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