I Am Telling You by Eli Oko

The first poem on the Blog for 2018. I was silent but I was still telling you all something very important.

It feels like insomnia…

I see your face even when I close my eyes and try not to find you.

Waiting Here – Jake Isaac (Video & Lyrics)

She looks up and we're eye to eye. She whispers "love, never leave my side".

Reassurance by Eli Oko

give me a reason to not let go.

Something Greater by Eli Oko

I will always love you. Forever waiting.

Lonely Together – Avicii ft Rita Ora (Video & Lyrics)

Let's be lonely together, A little less lonely together.

Not My Ex – Jessie J (Video & Lyrics)

Cause now you wanna love me, who knows what you'll find. It won't be easy, but I'm down for the ride. Just remember, You're not my ex.


hey... purple.

EÖ Presents 》Colors – The Series by Cecilie Bode

"The series is called colors, because each poem in the series is simply just about one color. Each poem is named after the color that it is written about." I liked the idea of this simple series and loved the parallels it draws visually and emotionally. It explores colors, but deeper than that I feel … Continue reading EÖ Presents 》Colors – The Series by Cecilie Bode