EÖ Presents 》BET’s OneShot Contestant MillyBoy

Another great artist to introduce to you all! Hats off to the amazing MillyBoy! As a triple threat Teemar Roberts also known as MillyBoy is a rapper, singer and songwriter. He is from a small town named Laurens in South Carolina known as WattsMill – hence the name!

Crime is High and opportunities are low where MillyBoy is from and so he grew up falling victim to the streets. Going from strength to strength he is ultimately blessed to be able to explore music, coming from a single parent home with two sisters.

I don’t often go deep into backgrounds on my blog but this artists journey touched my heart and so I wanted to make sure you all feel as connected to him and his music as I feel.

Here is a mini interview with MillyBoy so you can get to know him even better!


Mini Interview:

Tell me about your music, describe your sound.

“Very versatile, have drawn comparisons to Lil Boosie, Young Thug. I am a Southern styled rapper. I have great lyrical content with a mixture of both rap and r&b vibes.”

How did you get involved in music?

“I’ve always been a music lover, I really started taking it serious a couple years ago. I was on the run and went to an audition for a reality show called “OneShot” on BET. I did very well and the judges were feeling my voice, raw talent and energy. Then I knew I had to do what I had to do to get my legal situation straight and my life straight so that I could really focus and move forward with the music. So I turn myself in and did the time they gave me. Now that I’ve gotten that behind me I can focus my attention on more positive things such as my family and music.”

You are in the studio until late/early hours of the morning, what are you eating and/or drinking?

“I live in the Studio!!!!!! LOL I drink a lot of water and I eat pizza and wings.”

What track would you say you connect with most?

“I connect with struggle and grinding tracks the most. I love to paint a picture with words. I want people to close their eyes and visualize where I am from and who I am.”

What have been some of your biggest achievements thus far? 

“My Son, turning my life around.”

What is your idea of success?

“My idea of success is being the best at what I do and getting my family out hood and well off!!! Being able to live comfortably and knowing that my son won’t struggle with the same problems that I did!”


I personally am so touched by his experience, his motivation and efforts to reach his idea of success. It’s passionate and inspiring. So beautiful! His music have some raw and personal vibes to it and it’s no wonder he is excelling now. Keep an eye on MillyBoy he’s definitely making an impact in the music industry.

Listen to more music over on my Entertainment blog!


Check out MILLYBOY over at PRESSPL4Y

MillyBoy Neva Stop.png




Find MillyBoy Online: 


WorldStar Hip Hop Video Link





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