truth #23

When I was 17 I told someone that I loved them
At 18 that they made me complete
At 19 that it feels like I have gone a lifetime, wanting
And now at 20 I desire nothing more
by 23 That one person became four.
I told them that I have been broken
But now I was healing
That I have been lost
But by loving them, now I have been saved
No words were to deceive
I believed every word I’d say
But the truth
The very sad but powerful truth
Is that no human can complete an incomplete soul
It takes a deep searching, an honest examination of within
To come to terms with what has become your ‘inevitable’
And in that very moment, you find pieces of yourself that you never knew existed
Like puzzle pieces, with grave images of everything and every feeling
And all of a sudden you start to appear a little more whole
The truth is I think that it was always going to happen, 
It was always meant to be this way
It’s just – who will wait long enough alone
To realise that there is company within?
Who will hold out on giving up parts of themselves
To realise that when collected and cherished, it holds more value to all
Who will stop telling someone that they are completed by them
And truly find what it means to be complete?
Who will, If not me?
So that is my truth #23
That I had to close everyone off for a while 
I had to truly learn what it meant to give
And just as I am beginning to grasp the purpose of living
I’ll open my doors and welcome everyone in
Wouldn’t it be way nicer to feel my love, when it wasn’t tainted by cloudy judgements?
Feel my love, and its growing weight
Feel my love now, with all its intensity
And tell me that wasn’t worth the wait! x

Any Thoughts?

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