truth #22

Words are meant to evoke,

Stir up the emotions inside.

Poetry is to be dissected and stripped,

A writer explores many layers

so that a reader can unearth whatever is within.

The truth is, you hold my very breath and that both empowers me and weakens me.

I hope you read my pages and feel something.

If black touches your soul the way it touches mine.

If black digs deep and comforts you.

If black,

Then just as you inscribe words onto pink pages and sip expensive liqueur

Let me stay a little longer on your lips, the thing you speak about when you truly let things out.

Let me in, and let me stay.

This is where I have always belonged.

This is truth #22, and as always – this is for YOU.

xXx – 11:27pm

Any Thoughts?

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