If you are the power of your words and the very strength ignites souls and triggers under skin

Then what are you saying?

Because only the very echos are reaching me, please speak to me if there is something you have to share like unuttered whispers of every great tune you wish you heard at the very moment you needed it – I needed it 

Words of comfort and passion lined with history, the very history that stays on wet lips at 2am in-between glasses of rosé and whisky, are we mixing?

We are mixing – present with past, sadness with happiness

What is the difference when silence is in the air and we have to rely on the unspoken, the unsent messages, the unheard explanations of why, and why not?

When we could be great, we could be greater. Say that we could be.

Or forever hold your peace, if you are – then tell that you are because have you heard that things out of sight are out of mind or that hurt souls heal with time?

I have not experienced such luck, just tragedy and the things that have damaged me, stayed and lingered. Are you still there?

If you are then make it clear because even these stacked bottles have more letters than you do, they are 40% stronger than anything we knew

So if you are the power of your words and the life it gives, resurrects and its embers burn and falls creating a caldera

What are you saying? 

Because only the dim light in the distance is guiding me, enlighten me, if there is something more you have to give, show me what it is.

When actions bend their knees and plead, words will be what you hear – something near. If this is all you were supposed to do, see it through. Every tear, beckons your every touch, that welcomes your …

And together they are hopes and dreams, they are collected and sewn at the seams, although I nearly missed them, when I kissed them they were nothing but I found everything in your…


Any Thoughts?

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