1.2 it is because i love you



Between the healing exclamations from loved ones and the whirling whispers of those who would rather us gone, there is a sweet spot: a place that only what we remind ourselves to remember, exists. And Poetry is no exception.

it is because i love you 

I think it is because I love you.
Have you ever wanted something so deeply, so passionately, so fearlessly
That it becomes the very reason and excuse to breathe
That it governs every compass directing you
That it possess each nation within
That the wars that possess you, seem to gravitate toward the same victory
And nothing, yet everything can stop it?
I think it is because I love...
I love as if rolling oceans, crashing into the shore
Inseparable like the sands that rise and fall with each wave
engraved like the lovers initials traced with a stick and lined with stones
Everything encircling this emotion, like seagulls searching for prey
The air gliding beneath their wings, keeping true to its definition; quiet continuous motion
I think it is because I....
I’m tired of holding in what I so naturally need to let out
As if mute, but with a thousand thoughts
a million memories, that play over and over
a billion faces, and all I ever need to see is yours, one
and all quite spectacularly due to the terrifying fact that
I think it is because 
I love you.

Any Thoughts?

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