A Dialogue Between Two Drowning Poets…

between poets

You: As my day is done now
The dark covers me, and I cannot run now

Me: What if there are more hours in the dark than there are in the day. More time to figure out whether to run or to stay.
What if there are people who count on you to BE. Does their love and expectations keep you slave or set you free?
What if this is only temporary and the pain was soon to end. Would you rise from below your waters, and learn to breathe again my friend.

You: It is invisible when you close your eyes and inaccessible when you want to touch it.
Everyone envies it even if you look the other way
Yh thats superficial beauty
Not ballet
I keep dancing underneath the water
Do you know the steps?

Me: I heard gravity underwater is left up to chance.
Climb above the waves and we’ll both learn how to dance

You: Rest in peace poet

You: Rest in peace deep soul

Me: There is no difference between a poet and a deep soul. In fact you can not have one without the other. I am in darkness, locating the light.

You: Well I can’t find it today.

Me: Then stand still and let it find you.

Any Thoughts?

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