Birds by Eli Oko

If we were to act unusual

would they be bothered by what they see

Interrupt us in the moment

As they struggle to believe.


We are drifting in and out of life

And choosing memories to take

Walking as everyone else does

In this ordinary way.


If we were to land on target

Would we view life as complete

As we gaze at the horizon

Feeling stable on our feet.


There is not a thing quite so peculiar

From the places that I’ve been

But this I’ll hold forever

under “crazy things I’ve Seen”.


Maybe we should act unusual,

Like the image in our dreams

Just a second while our eyes shut

Something special to redeem.


We are but a conscious

Awake enough to tell the tale

If they saw us tell it different

Could they remind us how we felt.


If we had plans to follow

Even when we feel off-track

Could their birds eye view assure us

That there’s no need to take things back.


There is  a handful of moments

I’ve lived to keep so dear

This is surely one of them

That I couldn’t help but share.


Maybe they are the voices

In our heads we all have heard

I dream that Birds have been taking notes of us

And now the roles reversed.


Any Thoughts?

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