all is fair in love and poetry by Eli Oko

We went from laughing and texting
to arguing and stressing
something so depressing
about when truths just gets the best in
our relationship was dying
when we stopped asking, and started guessing
I guess the past is just our past
if that is the half then why are we texting, still
have answers to the questions
that we haven’t asked each other
just another awkward silence
an ‘lol’ to calm each other
‘smh’ to end the hate
from words we fired at each other
no armour, walls down
we started piling on each other
brick after brick
we stopped relying on each other
hit after hit
these words were slicing through each other
yes, words hurt and lies burn
no return
when we chose to walk the field
war zone
just pure blows

We went from heartfelt hugs and kisses
to near misses
there is something reminiscent
about the songs that made you listen
our vibes just went separate ways
we stopped talking, and started shouting
who’s heart bleeds the loudest, fills the room like rainy days
if that is the half of it then share the last of it
we have been holding to hope
hopelessly, still so hard to quit
we haven’t asked for clarity
truthfully you’re mad at me
‘brb’, ‘omg’, it’s still so hard to speak
it feels like I lost a part of me
from the times we truly had each other
no doubts, walls down
clueless I pushed another
question, to test you
this after this
we were tangled in our dreams
twist after twist
these goals were higher than ourselves
failed to plan, so planned to fail
truly kids just telling tales
about the lovers that we’ve held
all is fair in love and poetry
If there is something I know well
worse when they say they love you back is
living off the dying fact that, that is
the truest thing I have ever felt.

Any Thoughts?

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