truth #19

I went to Google the definition of  ‘Love’ and I stopped in my tracks because it seems I am not the only one. The common searches that floated on my page just felt so ironic. So predictable. So sad.

Because when we are in search we open ourselves to other feelings, we become vulnerable and exposed to terrible things.

We become insane

We feel pressured

We become endangered

We explore our differences

We drown ourselves in chocolates – chocolates to say I love you, Chocolates to say I miss you, chocolates to say I know I should be thinking of you, chocolates to say I am sorry.

We tell ourselves we are complete, then sit around wondering why we do not know what comes next

We convince our truest self that maybe it is just not enough, maybe you are just not enough

We try to find balance in the inhumane dosage of unkindness, maybe I should know my place

We try to be something else, something stronger, something braver, something symbolising you, but not quite as applicable

We search… continuously searching and find nothing but the truth.


because the truth is, the definition of love now seems far from what I was truly hoping to reveal. It is not just affection, interest or pleasure. If that is all love is then that explains why were are such a lost generation of creation.

2018-10-25 19_20_34-definition of loev - Google Search

Any Thoughts?

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