In Pairs by Eli Oko

Some people are more captivating than others
It is as if they drag you by your heels under your own skin
And make you feel everything that creates you
Each vein, each liquid
The very spirit that makes you, you

Some people hold you captive within you
And no matter how much you want to escape them
You will never escape yourself
So you will be forever experiencing their impact
You will be forever captured
And forever trying to find the wrong in that fact
It unsettles you
Because who on earth likes to be that lost?
That found?
That here?
That now?
That past?
That present?
Who on earth likes it
When they are so uncontrollably out of control?
Not me, not you, but us
Only in pairs do we dare to explore the despair
Only in pairs do we find the reason or the excuse
Only in pairs, two halves, do we feel complete

Not always, just sometimes
And not all people, just some people
Abandon you, despite that deep trust
And it only takes them, to captivate you
To capture you eternally, so far in
That you will never find a way out
And you will know because you will feel that
Only they would be worth that self-neglect
Only they can make you, only want you, if they were there
Only them
Only us
In pairs.

Any Thoughts?

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