I Am Telling You by Eli Oko

I can tell you have something on your mind
Like knots twisted
And you need to untie
I can tell you have something you’re keeping inside
Whether it’s the world’s biggest fear
Or a tear left to cry
I can tell you have something you’re not trying to hide
An emotion leaving you broken
But you’ll heal when it’s time
I can tell you everything is going to be alright
That you’ll find the words to express
And through darkness you’ll shine
I can tell you it’s normal
There’s no need to be scared
That you should pray out all your thoughts
Leave it with him there
I can tell you don’t carry this
This burden you have
This thing that is holding your feet
And weighing down your hands
You feel still in the motion
Unable to move
You feel numb and distant
And maybe it’s true
But I can tell you it’s temporary
Because you’re too special to lose
I can tell you he is working
To fix what is wrong
And that this has been his plan
His goal, all along
I can write you a poem with the words I could say
With a hope that you’ll feel hopeful
To keep trying another day
I can rhyme till I’m empty
And pour out my lot
Share my thoughts about you
I know it’ll never stop
I can drive to you now and just hold you in arms
Silently show you, you can
Even though you feel like you can’t
Tell you it’s okay to explode
Because I’ll pick up the parts
We must keep fighting this fight while we still have the chance
I can tell
And I know
That this feels bigger than the sky
But that is because there’s bigger things in motion than you and I
I know this gets better
So please don’t give up
Each step that you do take
Believe it’s enough
I could write you my advice
Each word with a bow
But you no longer read my poems deeply
This I’ve come to know
Maybe because it hurts too much
Or takes too much trust
To see life through eyes that are not your own
I wrote this for you
And maybe for me
Because sometimes I seem speechless
But deep down there’s so much to set free
Read this with some hope
And know that it’s true
Whatever you need
I’ll be that for you
And this thing in your throat
That your needing to share
Whether it’s my words that you seek or just a listening ear
I’ll stick to my last line to you because I pray it be clear

Telling you, If you’re needing to talk, you know that I’m here.


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