Jar of hearts by Eli Oko

Why do you break ….

Why do you break my heart?
Out of all the hearts you have in this jar of yours
Keeping warm
Why do you expose me to the cold?
Why do you have me standing in city lights
Keeping an eye out for a red hat or a green coat or a backpack or a smile that shames even the moon
Eyes deeper then this night sky
Why do you break my heart?
When you could cure anything you wish
As your lips echo it… it is it
The final word always left by you
Nothing right I can do
When my heart is in your hands
As your grip tightens
Your purple and navy nails, your hands share my pulse
Sparkling glitter
Like flakes of life being poured over this well placed furniture
With you I am this decorator
I am a wine expert
A fireman
A hero
Why do you break?
Is a question I never ask you
Because I told myself I knew
Answers to every question
I told myself it’s you
Because of the happiness and joy you have
Or doubts and fears you say
All the words you’ve saved and stored within
And now it’s time to pay
Tell me why do you break?
And say hi
If bye is next on your list
Why do you look like someone who needs to receive
But all you do is give
Why was it my heart you held on to
Out of everyone else
It’s like you picked the heart
Like a mirror
You saw a reflection of yourself
And if time is your answer
In time everything will change
All questions will be covered and all sense will be made
Then I retract my question
My question being, why do you break?
And pray
You’ll not see that im broken
And put me back in your jar
All the same.

Any Thoughts?

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