On shore by Eli Oko

I can’t save you with the tears I cry at night.

They won’t become the seas that form waves that carry you back to shore.

I know that as much as I want to hold you in my arms, wanting to won’t save you from the storm raging outside.

Threatening to devour you.

As much as I can hold you here with me, there will always exist.

Truth is ….

I haven’t even the power to save myself from the creeping shadows.

They haunt me just as much as they haunt you.

And in fact I have to hold myself and my miseries from you and bite my tongue.

I miss the freedom we had to comfort each other.

But sadly this is what it has come to.

Where I know now, I can’t save you and you can’t save me.

And we can’t save ourselves.

Eventually we will both be washed up on the shore by the waves and unsure of how we got there just thankful for this divine power that allowed us the opportunity to feel sand beneath our feet and hold loved ones in our hands.

Lately I see myself coming in from the seas more than I see myself waiting on the shore.

Sometimes my heartbeat is the loudest thing in the room other times it is my clock reminding me that no matter what I do – time goes on.

Point is, I guess the next time we feel alive is when we’re washed up on shore. Because the raging seas couldn’t keep us anymore.

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