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It has been a while since we have promoted a busniess on the series and I am excited to introduce this amazing Flamenco Dance company. They offer Traditional Flamenco to Fusion & Modern music. They are flexible to the needs of those they work with, and find joy in sharing the beautiful moments with those enjoying their service. Stop looking for dancers and create some, contact us!

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El Estampio – The Stampede

Jaime Fresneda, also known as El Estampio (The Stampede) in the world of Flamenco dancers, started dancing at an early age of 5. Originally from LaMancha, his intense passion for flamenco took him to Seville, Andalucia, and the birth place of Flamenco. 

After several years of training and performing along side renowned gypsy dancer and teacher, Jose Galvan who is the father of internationally famous dancers, Israel and Pastora Galvan, he was invited to collaborate, travel and teach with one of the most controversial figures in Flamenco to date, Jose Suarez, El Torombo.

Critics have often applauded the dexterity, speed and profundity of ‘El Estampio’s footwork, which compliments the somewhat aggressive yet noble spirit expressed in his presence and energy. Playful at times yet always centered, his face reveals a deep concentration and intensity which can scream only from the soul of one who truly understands, one who is beautifully bewitched, Asami Ikeda.

Asami Ikeda, a professional Flamenco dancer from Japan, has been in the art for almost 10 years. Having started, as many other prestigious Flamenco dancers in Japan under the instruction of internationally accredited artists, she made the decision to perfect her art by travelling, first to London then ultimately finding herself drawn to the cradle of the art form itself, Andalucia.

It started in Seville where she was invited to collaborate and further training under El Estampio. After performing and doing work shops extensively together, Asami went on to launch her own professional career in dancing. 

Asami integrates the oriental gift for attention to detailand purity of movement with an extraordinary fiery female temperament which attimes conjures up images of the infamous, cankerous beauty, Carmen. 

The archetypal Flamenco gypsy spirit is expressed through her very presence on the stage itself. Her beauty and sensuality serving to captivate and hold the audience spellbound as she goes in for the kill. 

Her timing as precise as that of a bullfighter in the ringfaced with the moment of whether to be or not to be, of whether to kill or bekilled. She is a gifted dancer who can hold the audience with her hypnotizingand exceptional dancing skills.

Jaime El Estampio & Asami Ikeda are undoubtedly the best. They have extensive experience and exposure in Flamenco as they have been performing in many places in Spain such as Castilla La Mancha, Madrid, Seville and Malaga.  

Together, the two have participated in Flamenco Festivals mainly in Castilla La Mancha, Toledo. Festivals in Torremolinos, Colmenar were also graced with their presence, where they shared the stage with famous artists such as Rancapino, Mari Peña among others.


2017-11-19 19_08_49-Professional Flamenco Dancers Andalucia teach with soul.

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