Something Greater by Eli Oko

I am worthless

Like the dust being tossed about by the wind

As the trees whisper the answers

I hear something greater say “this is the way, walk in it.”

The celebration songs of the birds

Remind me that everything really is a song and dance.

Not all my thoughts turn into poetry, sometimes they surrender to something greater and they create shadows in my mind creating shadows over my joy.

I think, “you keep giving your love and they don’t deserve it”.

You will never be a stranger to me because you know all my secrets.

We need to turn to something greater. Because I know that much change remains in us. Time will show how similar we are and how different we both need to be. We turn to something greater because no bridge we could ever build alone will get us across.

And suddenly I realise…

I will always love you. Forever waiting. I see only parts of you now in a hope to gain something greater soon.

I truly believe in something better. Things fell apart so that something greater could come together.

Any Thoughts?

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