Su Cara by Eli Oko

I didn’t see your face
Those abyss eyes I once knew so dearly have become a mystery to me
I wish to gaze into your day
See your ups and downs
See your happiness or sadness in the curve of your smile
The quiver of your lips
The tears that build in the south of your eyes
The rosey shade of red that covers your eyelids
And your cheeks,
Your cheeks cuddle your eyes when you are happy
Giving me permission to see all that you possess.
Today, I didn’t see your face
And I fear that I will forget what you truly look like
I’m not like everyone else who accepts the confidence you show in selfies
I appreciate the strength you show when you let everything go
I need the moments we share
Like 4 minutes to peer into everything
I care about what made you smile today
I care because that’s true friendship
When you show how you truly feel
Because you have trust
And although I know you are here
I still hate the fact I didn’t see your face
Just a blurry outline of what used to be
Memories come back of what I used to see
And now I find myself daydreaming at empty chairs.
Well done
I’m glad you came
True I know you will do whatever it takes
And as pathetic as this may sound
I’m just sad
That I keep missing your face.

Any Thoughts?

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