Temptation by Eli Oko

Have you ever felt familiar hands?

Have you ever been caressed by a memory

A thought that traces back to everything you’ve learned to know

Have you ever felt as though you are suspended from the ground

Held up by only the tips of fingers

Warm blood running through them

That is what I am living, to try and forever forget

Running through my head

These familiar hands.

These hands that follow my pulse

Gently fill in my most hollow coves

The guard of inlets

Creating more memories

Have you felt them?

Those palms flooded with passion

Pouring over the edges

Drowning my insecurities

Covering them until a more convenient time

And that more convenient time comes soaring

Sometimes I crave those familiar hands

And as the flood clears

The edges are there

Proving even the sea has its boundaries

“this is how far you shall go”

I wish to take these familiar hands with me on shore

But they were made to be free in the oceans

This lone wolf, Great White

Has pushed me to the curve of the waves and left me

Insecurities piling

I crave to be back in the ocean

It is not my home, but it is yours, and so there I feel peace

At least

For a second

Until you no longer wish to hold me

You no longer wish to connect the dots of spots on my back

You no longer wish to trace your fingerprints down my spine

This is the blueprint you leave behind

The map of your journey

And I know you are reading this with a specific memory in mind

Likely craving it,

I ask you this question, only to help you to realize, it is just a memory

Have you ever felt familiar hands?


Life on the sand is reality

But you want to swim in the temptation

Why would you want to risk your life in the oceans?

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