i wish – part four

i wish…

every ending actually felt like the end.

love wasn’t a choice. then we would never wait around, waiting to be chosen.

i didn’t feel like you just wore a mask to become everything I needed until you were satisfied with your performance. and the closed curtains didn’t fall like daisies on the grave of my heart. love should never be buried, it should be burnt and never returned to.

you didn’t still use your mask whenever you need reassurance that I’m still here and that i still care.

i didn’t have so much to be thankful for.

i wasn’t so dramatic.

our fingerprints faded from those whom we touch.

you were never more than just a shoulder to cry on.

we kept our words and forever didn’t end so soon.

It was clear to distinguish between something being priceless and something being worthless.

i could lay on your chest and tell your heart one final secret.

your loyalty was real.

that my emotions were something all could feel.

you didn’t follow me into my forest because now you refuse to leave.

but mostly, i think i wish every ending actually felt like the end.

the end.


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