i wish – part three

i wish…

i could take back that time i confused a lesson for a soulmate.

everything i lose didn’t feel like a loss.

i wasn’t so ÷

i could shake this overwhelming urge to run away.

i knew where i wished to run away to.

you realized that you still owe me a reason.

listening to the rain didn’t become like escaping tides of thoughts with you.

something new would come.

loving you didn’t become like loud shouts of silence.

loving myself more meant i loved you less.

tears didn’t feel so much like freedom.

with the love i showed, you can love her deeply with the love you now know.

our hearts never became so hungry it would happily feed on lies.

you didn’t just love the idea of me but the reality of me also.

you didn’t still feel like home, even after all these years.


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