i wish – part one

i wish…

i could touch the constellations in your sky.

i had more confidence in the minutes and hours of our tomorrow.

i could hold you at the tip of my tongue like every word we’ve ever exchanged between us.

i could happily finish the poetry i write about you rather than abandon it.

the best place to be wasn’t nowhere to be found.

i wasn’t able to find something beautiful in every ugly lie.

i didn’t find it so easy to find new ways to blind myself from reality.

i could guarantee that we would all live to see that beautiful tomorrow.

i didn’t possess so many stories I’d forever never tell.

love was not rocket-science. an experiment best done out of the comfort zone. forcing us to travel far from familiarity with the hope of belonging to someone else.

i couldn’t feel my heart struggle to beat when memories return.

you realized i was an untamed forest, not a flower in a glass vase.

it was enough to hold tight to our endless potential.

i could make them treat me better.


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