Paper Plane by Eli Oko

“I am sorry, that you felt hurt today

And I couldn’t soothe the pain

I’m sorry, for each loss you faced

I know things just are not the same

I fear you’ve taken turns these days

That push us all away

Those who love and care for you

Despite the mistakes we’ve made

I hope you smile tomorrow

Even if it’s without me there

And that you experience joy

I think that’s only fair

I threw this paper plane

With notes I couldn’t say

As I woke up this morning without you

And no note to fade the pain

See your words mean so much to me

And that’s why you left not one

My words have lost their value

That’s why I think we’re done

This paper plane won’t find you

But it will reach somebody still

And I hope they’ll find the courage when needed

To express how they truly feel

So if you’re reading this, I guess that it’s okay

And don’t bother looking for its owner

I’ve gone my separate way

Just learn from the lines I have written here

If you’ve caused somebody pain

Mend their heart, take the time

To fix the things you break.”


That’s what was written in this paper plane, written out for Jade. But It made me find the courage to find the words to say…







to be continued

Any Thoughts?

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