Unwonted : 3 Luminous



There is a time scale that you use before loving someone hurts. Once you get mid-way you start preparing your heart and mind for the inevitable. The light shines like a glow at the end of the tunnel. It’s neither threatening nor comforting; it’s neither reassuring nor disturbing. It’s like art. This is not as simple as black and white or even darkness and light but rather a radiance and silver lining to the twisted things thought. How did it feel to be in her shoes? Lonely, at the very last moment, the decision was made and all fate takes its stand on the podium. Bow fate, bow.  The roads were dry but we slid around corners, each word echoing the first, each sentence contradicting its last. “You should go”. The funny thing, mind you it is far from humorous, was that it all felt too similar. I remembered the bridge and the lights, the summer time feeling in winter. The firsts and the lasts. She seems bare foot lately, walking about exposed to reality. And actually, I’d much rather it be her than me.

I can not wash her hands for her, and as the sink fills with ink, everything I have written washes away. But she still has crimson red in her eyes and with this hand choking her throat all she has time to spill are lies. I am sorry if this path I created became the only way you know. I glow, because I have accepted my love and loss. You fade into every background you have ever used on your phone. Images of your face, barely curved smiles and your lips still wet from the tears that caressed them. I am sorry noone will see your silver lining in time, and anyone could save you but you wish for only that special someone to claim you. See that is the end of the scale. Wanting to be claimed, but you will never satisfy your desire to be. So instead I wish you will break free and call out to everyone. Forget someone, and call out to everyone. I promise, I will help you be seen again, I will teach you to be luminous, so that even in the dark you can be found.


7 Stories, 1 Perspective. 

Story 1: The Hunter and The Hunted

Story 2: Summertime Love

Story 3: Luminous

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