Unwonted: 2 Summertime Love

Summertime Love

I have neither remembered nor forgotten, I merely choose to not acknowledge. Its pulls are strong and that familiar stare is empowering. I still imagine myself in her shoes. How does it feel right now to be loved in this moment? With a thousand reasons to walk away, my words say one thing but my face lights up. Why am I smiling? I actually do not know, it could be you but it also could be something not present that lights my soul. It gives me hope, as cliché as that may sound. IT warms my heart as it whispers it cares. Your voice no longer soothes me as I found comfort in the things unspoken. Where am I? As I drift off into the city lights between the buildings and beyond the fountain, I have never been here before so bare with me.

We can experience anything together and we are not even side by side. I have not felt this free in a while but yet I am being held down by expectations. My past calls and I can not find my options. Would you understand? I never heard them say I can not achieve but why do I feel like they are all judging me. You claim to have strength but yet did not catch me when I fell. You can not rely on me, you can not expect better from me. I have lost love because of this before and I can always lose it again. I am a danger to myself. I have concluded that I am more, I just have not accessed my potential. I promise, promises – I will treat you with affection. It has been hard on the hearts of mine, but I only love truly so believe that it is real. I will continue to be beside the water, standing by the bridge between you and I. I can not be clear as I struggle to peer through this blur. I see with my heart and the words help me to feel my way through the pain so if therefore you need eyes for your sight, take mine. Otherwise, lets run through the field using only passion and direct our paths with the sentiments like dew drops falling from our lips. My summertime love, I await to truly feel the season again the same way she does. If this is how it still feels, to feel. Then I no longer wish to be numb.



7 Stories, 1 Perspective. 

Story 1: The Hunter and The Hunted

Story 2: Summertime Love

Story 3: Luminous

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