I present to you Brandon Wolf Hill from Minneapolis, sharing his talent globally and flying through the music scene. As a YouTuber, Music Artist and Model he is truly showing what it takes to reach for your goals.

His goal is to connect with people through music and be able to help others to find inspiration. During one of his Q&A’s on YouTube he was asked why he started music and his response was that he desires to inspire people to be themselves and do things that they have always wanted to do but have doubted about themselves. That’s pretty awesome!

Aside from great lyrical content some of my favourite sounds are the creative kits mixed with intense drops! This meant I automatically fell in love with his newest collab on Soundcloud.

Brandon Wolf Hill x Jandy

Mini Interview:

Talk us through your latest song
“Latest song is called treble, i just want to make a crappy pop song lol”
What inspires your videos?
“Topper for sure got to have my pizza”
How would you say you stand out among other artists?
“Well I’m 6 foot 4 so its not to hard”

You are in the studio until late/early hours of the morning, what are you eating and/or drinking?
“Gurl I live in my studio, Dr.pepper”
What track would you say you personally connect with most?
“Come smoke with me, i really want pizza haha”

Define your idea success?

What can we expect to see from Brandon Wolf Hill?
“I hope a little of everything”

He is a mystery, a joker and someone we can expect to throw curve-balls and all types of surprises in the music scene!

Listen to more music over on my Entertainment blog!


Check out Brandon Wolf Hill over at PRESSPL4Y

Brandon Wolf Hill PPV.png

Find Brandon Online:








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