EÖ Presents 》Colors – The Series by Cecilie Bode

“The series is called colors, because each poem in the series is simply just about one color. Each poem is named after the color that it is written about.”

I liked the idea of this simple series and loved the parallels it draws visually and emotionally. It explores colors, but deeper than that I feel CeCe has explored the adventure of life though them. I always feel connected to creative writing that uses color and art to expand it’s horizon. Enjoy the first three colors in the series! Visit JustThisRandomLife for the complete series, she posts them systematically so follow to keep updated! I’m waiting for Green!


That color

Burning bright
Like the fire 
It matches, right?
Warm and deep
You see it now
In your sleep
Always vibrant
You’re in need 
Of sunny days
Where flowers are fun
Between red and yellow
Some say it’s crappy
For me the color is happy



White and fluffy

On the ocean
What it is 
It’s called the sky
Sleeps at night
A daytime joy
It’s filled with holes
For clouds and rain
To fall down 
And disappear
What’s left
Is right up there
When it’s out
And sunshine is turned on 
It spreads a feeling
That nobody can ignore
It’s hard to forget
Behind it left
Butterflies everywhere
Smiles all around
But when you combine them
There’s nothing better
In the horizon you see
Who you used to be
The ocean and sky meet
Now the color is clear
In my mind 
It’s all right here 
That twice it will appear
At the bottom and top
It fills out the page
My favorite it once was
Memories it has become
Enjoyable still today
A happy life and thoughts 
I will always remember it this way



A happy color

Which are my friend 
Warm or cold
You’re there again
You differentiate
Follow seasons
Plum in fall
Spring and light
You guessed it right
Old and nice 
The purple spice


Connect with CeCe Online

Cecilie Bode (CeCe), born and raised in Denmark is an exchange student in the U.S. for a year. She joined my Google+ Community group for writers called Outspoken at the beginning of the year and she is still pretty much the only person that consistently contributes to the group regularly. When she emailed me to ask if I would do a collaboration with her I was honored of course because I had been following her series of poems lately called Colors. Read our poem The Cold


Cecilie Bode blog – Just This Random Life 

Instagram: ceciliebode
Pinterest: Cecilie Bode
Twitter: Cecilie Bode @JustThisRandomL
Google+: Cecilie Bode


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