EÖ Presents 》 Where Do I Begin by Greta Sviderskyte


Where do I begin?
I am feeling something that is difficult to describe. It’s something along the lines, of an empty space inside of me that needs to be filled.
Not with answers to questions that so many question.
The questions to why?
Why me?
Why do all of these innocent people die?
Why does God bring so much suffering to all of these innocent souls, the babies and the children who have not had a chance to get old?
Their questions are why.

Unbearable pain,
knowing that this wasn’t how it was meant to be. Many years of history, turning their backs on you from the day we were made.
Only if they knew, if they open their hearts and study you that the mysteries will no longer bother their souls but that they would be solved.

The greed of leaders overpowered by evil.
Karl Marx once spoke about poverty mentioning a great phrase where we still witness no change,
the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and even though you have given us hope people lose their faith day by day.
Now I know this is not the end and that the future is bright
but where do I begin?
The emptiness still fills the void of my soul as if I have sinned.

I guess I can start with telling you what’s on my mind.
Influence by the western mentality the things of little importance have overpowered me.
So the emptiness still gathers inside the void of my soul.
The answers I need,
are so different to those who question why
so to question I will proceed.

My questions are what.
What can I do so this emptiness leaves?
What can be done at this time of day, today, for even the smallest to change?
And where?
Where do I begin?
Where do I go?
Or maybe I should stay?
Stay in the zone of safety with my soul where it feels at home?
What will I lose?
Or what will I gain?
The best life ever was like a spark to the missing flame,
where do I begin?
What can I do?
Do I stick around and continue to wait?
But for what?
Where do I begin?

EÖ Presents Greta

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